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Democratic socialism

2017-07-28T16:29:11+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true The Left (Luxembourg), Critica Sociale, Workers' Party (Brazil), Peoples' Democratic Party (Turkey), Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany), United Left (Slovenia), Bernie Sanders, Left Alliance (Finland), Indian National Congress, Left Front (France), Red-Green Alliance (Denmark), Workers' council, European United Left–Nordic Green Left, Left Party (Sweden), Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority), Right Opposition, Brazilian Socialist Party, Revisionism (Marxism), Québec solidaire, Movement for Socialism (Bolivia), Democratic Labour Party (Brazil), International Revolutionary Marxist Centre, Socialist Revolutionary Party, Synaspismos, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Nordic Green Left Alliance, Syriza, Left Ecology Freedom, Socialist Left Party (Norway), Socialism of the 21st century, The Olive Tree (Italy), Keir Hardie, Socialist People's Party (Denmark), Left Group of Finnish Workers, Nordic model, London Labour Party, Mubashir Hassan, Left of Croatia, Watson Government, The Waffle flashcards Democratic socialism
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